U.S. Green Building Council LEED Home tours in 2018

USGBC SW Ohio Chapter Residential Green Committee Mission: To provide education on sustainability in everyday tasks by promoting household environmentally sound practices to transform the way homes are designed, built, and operated enabling healthy, prosperous and environmentally and socially responsible living.

Committee Chair: Toni Winston, Tiburon Energy

Contact to Volunteer or Participate: Chuck Lohre, Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy, chuck@lohre.com

Green Home Tours: No charge for USGBC Ohio members, $70 per year and you can bring a guest, join the Ohio Chapter. Non-members are asked to donate $15 per person at the door. Contact Chuck Lohre to register for the tours or be introduced to any of the owners of past and future tours, Chuck@Lohre.com, 513-260-9025.

The Green Home Tours are sponsored by The Sustainable Partnership of Cincinnati, a group of businesses offering environmentally friendly products and services to create sustainable homes and offices. Dovetail Solar and Wind, greenBAU design and build, Green Building Consulting, Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy, Greener Stock Sustainable Building Materials & Design, Green Streets Environmental Services, National Heating & Air-conditioning, One Small Garden Planters and Sheds, Patterned Concrete of Cincinnati, and Tepe Landscaping. Learn more at www.tspcincy.com.

2018 Green Home Tours

• Sat, Jan 20, 2018, 10 am til Noon – Johnson Residence, OTR. Planning for LEED Platinum. First tour, near finished construction. Part of a common wall, two small home row house arrangement. The project had a simple goal in mind: affordable housing that can be for everyone. The focus is on holistic, sustainable, quality design that aims at long-term cost savings living in a healthy and beautiful home. The project explores tiny home living as a solution to create a market-rate solution for diversely affordable home-ownership opportunities.

• Sat, Feb, 17, 2018, 10 am til Noon – Ryan Residence, OTR. “The folks at Architectural Digest should check out Jack and Martine Ryan’s place in Over-the-Rhine. It has the “wow” factor the magazine features. The Ryans’ stunning, 6,000-square-foot, certified LEED Gold home is the product of four creative minds coming together as one. Jack Ryan is a Staten Island-born and reared New Yorker and career Procter & Gamble engineer/executive with the kind of pragmatic skills required to co-manage his first new-build home. Martine Ryan is an artistic Frenchwoman and long-time director of business affairs at the University of Cincinnati whose love for the European-city lifestyle steered the 2014-married couple away from the northern suburbs toward Over-the-Rhine. Together they created a bright, sleek and spotless living space,” from Brent Coleman’s article for WCPO Channel 9.

• Sun, Mar 18, 2018, 10 am til Noon – Woeste / Mahle Residence, OTR. Registered LEED Gold. They acquired the property in 2012 directly from a Baptist Church (the church had moved to another location a few years earlier). The church had renovated the three buildings in the 1960s—they connected the three buildings and enclosed the garage with cinderblocks and used the garage as their sanctuary. The first and second floor rooms in the former row houses were used as classrooms, office space and a nursery. The basement contained an industrial kitchen. The 1960s era renovations were not sympathetic to the historic nature of the buildings. Decorative stone lintels over the first floor windows were chiseled off the front  and a huge metal screen was installed over the second floor of the 127 building. The garage building featured a cross made of glass block and faux-pebble white paneling.  Hopeful to achieve LEED Gold certification through a combination of factors, including, solar panels, low-flow water fixtures, draught-tolerant landscaping, blown cellulous insulation, a high-efficiency furnace and other features. Masthead “Featured” photo is of street view.

• Sun, Apr 29, 2018, 10 am til Noon – Passive House and LEED Platinum home in Hyde Park. Tentative. Passive House in Hyde Park, the first in Cincinnati. Passive House standards require no more than 75 kWhr per square meter energy use for heating, cooling and all other loads combined and a maximum of .6 air changes per hour.

• Sun, May 27, 2018, 10 am til Noon – Painter Residence, Hyde Park, Possible LEED Platinum home in Hyde Park with a Tesla Charging Station and a rainwater harvesting system. It’s not uncommon in Hyde Park for new homes to approach a million dollar value. That’s a major reason it’s going for LEED Platinum, the tax abatement is unlimited on the structure. One trick to getting the maximum points is to manage 100% of your storm water runoff, a 500 gallon tank on the property does that. It’s too bad Mitch’s Tesla S Model doesn’t help him get more points but it does make for a great conversation starter.

• Sat, Sep 29, 2018, 10 am til Noon – Fletcher / Johnsen Residence, College Hill. Solar panel installation is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2018. The house is passive solar and has geothermal heating/cooling. It is super insulated and air sealed with an Energy Recovery Ventilator to provide plenty of fresh air. Two 65 gal rain barrels are hooked up to the gutters. Should be certified LEED Gold in the Spring. The home will also be on the Green Energy Ohio Solar Tour.

• Sun, Oct 28, 2018, 10 am til Noon – Modular Construction: Urban design and creating affordable housing solutions, Evanston. Possible development in using a type of modular construction known as “Industrialized Units.” In this construction, 15’8″ x 60′ boxes are placed on top of or next to one another to form the size of the space that you need. Units are fully equipped with power and windows, and utilities are in place before units leave the factory. In a single day, an entire community of homes can be installed. Once they are in place, the interior is fitted out with cabinets, a microwave and dishwasher, lighting fixtures, granite countertops, sinks, finished floors, and more. The benefits of modular construction include: Fast construction: A typical home is built in three weeks, reducing costs through minimal financing; Energy Efficiency: Out of the box, these homes are almost LEED ready; Strength: These homes are built using better construction techniques and experience no weather issues while under construction; Replicability: Homes can be rebuilt multiple times without being re-permitted; Lower permit fees; Lower overhead costs; Fewer employees required; Lower liability and lower insurance rates.The rendering shows two possible designs. (Tentative, alternate is the Theobald Residence in Kentucky, the region’s first shipping container home.)

• Sun, Nov 18, 2018, 10 am til Noon – Warner Residence, Oakley. – New construction by owner/architect Tom Warner. A simple, single level, three bedroom home located on a large triangular shaped lot in the “Arts District” of Oakley. Designed on an east-west axis with almost all of the living area windows to orient to the south with views of the outdoor garden and entertainment areas. The home’s front façade will be clad in blue-green bright stainless steel and Zalmag flat lock panels. It will hopefully receive a LEED Gold certification using sustainable site points, photovoltaic solar roof panels, energy efficient building envelope, low flow fixtures, draught tolerant and food producing landscaping and energy efficient HVAC system strategies.

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